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Dr Fred M’membe on Venezuela’s elections

Dr Fred M’membe on Venezuela’s elections Featured

I join the many friends of Venezuela from across the world in sending a message of love and solidarity.

It is important for all progressive Nations and people’s of the world to stand in solidarity with Venezuela during this crucial time for the Bolivarian revolution and the progressive left.

The people of Venezuela should be allowed to exercise their right to exist and determine their own future through a political process decided by them.

We call on all Nations of the world to respect the sovereignty and democratic processes embarked on by the people of Venezuela. None must attempt to undermine it’s sovereignty.

We stand with the people of Venezuela as they go to the polls. Our solidarity goes to them and their struggle for justice, equity and peace.

Vamos Venezuela

Statement of the Socialist Party (Zambia) on the attempted coup in Venezuela

Statement of the Socialist Party (Zambia) on the attempted coup in Venezuela

The Socialist Party in Zambia herewith condemns the on-going coup attempt against the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela.

Having failed over the years to kill the leadership and destroy the gains of the Bolivarian Revolution, the United States is now desperately turning to rogues in the army to do their dirty job.

As it is to be expected, the greatest majority of the troops and all commanders are loyal to the people, the Constitution and their homeland. Commandante Nicholas Maduro is the undisputed constitutional President of Venezuela.

It is grotesque that in the 21st Century a country still aims at enslaving other nations in order to plunder their wealth. The immense oil resources of Venezuela belong to the masses in that country.
The United States and European imperialist powers plus their representatives in Venezuela have plundered that country for centuries. The Bolivarian Revolution reversed that plunder and redistributed the wealth to its people. This is against the logic of capitalist plunder. This is the reason why today a coup is underway – to deny the Venezuelan masses their regained sovereignty and dignity.

The coup must be condemned in the strongest sense. It is highly destructive; it promotes violence and undemocratic values.

All of the current United States policy toward Venezuela, including this attempted coup, are a direct and unceremonious interference in its internal affairs. It is hard to imagine a more monstrous example of interference in the internal affairs of another country.
But this is not new. They did it against Hugo Chavez in 2002.
They did it to Kwame Nkrumah in Ghana, Patrice Lumumba in Congo, Salvador Allende in Chile and many others in Latin America and Africa.

Our total support goes to the Bolivarian Revolution, the people of Venezuela and Commandante Nicholas Maduro.

Viva the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela!

Abash United States imperialism!

Issued by the Politburo
Socialist Party (Zambia)

April 30, 2019
17:25 hours
Lusaka, Zambia

M’membe’s full statement on Maduro

M’membe’s full statement on Maduro

Comrade Nicolás Maduro Moros President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Miraflores, Caracas, Venezuela.

Comrade Nicolás,

Receive our warm revolutionary congratulations from the Socialist Party (Zambia) on this day when you are assuming reigns for the second term of office to lead the great nation of Simon Bolivar.

As a true Chavista, you have continued to pursue the Bolivarian socio-economic agenda crafted under the guidance of late president Hugo Chavez Frias despite a wave of economic and financial sanctions from the empire, including harsh rhetoric bordering on military intervention from those occupying the White House and their lackeys.

Comrade Nicolás, yours is not an enviable job for the weak much less with a series of salvo you receive from imperialists. But for us who espouse people centred-development, we can firmly assure you that you are not alone.

What the Bolivarian Revolution has achieved since assuming power in 1999 to date cannot be compared to the previous right-wing administrations that pretended to have been administering the affairs of that great nation for Venezuelans. For centuries, Venezuelas oil and gold was a preserve for the capitalist North.
The anger coming from transnational corporations and their fronts in Washington is nothing but a result of frustrations and hunger for Venezuelan natural resources that have been socialised/nationalised by the Bolivarian Revolution. The benefits are all there
to see: housing infrastructure, medical facilities, literacy campaign and building of polytechnic institutions, including massive investment in sport. How else was Venezuela expected to rebound from centuries of a raped economy at the hands of capitalists other than implementing radical reforms as undertaken by the Chavistas?
This is what the Bolivarian Revolution has undertaken to do: Free health care in poor urban and rural neighborhoods (Mission Barrio Adentro), expanded access to education, literacy programms for the elderly (Mission Robinson) and cheap food markets (Mission Mercal). Under housing, you have Mission Habitat which later was updated to Mission Viviendas and then Mission Zamora an integrated land reform and land redistribution programme where several large landed estates and factories have been or are in process of being expropriated to stimulate the agricultural sector, create economic activity and redistribute wealth to the poor. Instead of receiving accolades, it has been sanctioned, economically strangled for standing up to capital!
Capitalists abhor governments that empower citizens, administrations that put man at the centre of any developmental paradigm.
With the Chavistas in government, OPEC consolidated itself and we remember how well you utilized proceeds to uplift the standards of your people; the hardworking sons and daughters of Bolivar.
At the time when global petroleum prices rose beyond US$100 per barrel, the Bolivarian Revolution opted for solidarity measures through PetroCaribe and PetroSur, to cushion Caribbean and Central American nations that depend on oil for all forms of energy requirements. This included subsidizing US citizens during harsh winter days.
Without preferential oil trade for the Caribbean region and parts of South America, on top of dwindling remittances, none of those almost 20 countries would have a semblance of an economy during and post 2008 global financial and economic meltdown that originated in the US.
Apart from the noble citizens of these Caribbean and South/Central American states, no one wants to laud this priceless gesture to humanity.
Global capitalists loathe initiatives that makes man strong. Capital hates universal dignity, it discourages any attempts at distributing wealth to all because such destroy niches that imperialists depend on for survival and exploitation. We have followed the Bolivarian Revolutions path towards Western Hemisphere integration, right from formation of UNASUR to founding of the Community of Latin America and the Caribbean States (CELAC), the only body for independent hemispheric States excluding the US and Canada.
The significance of Venezuela to the stability of the Americas is huge.
If saving humanity makes us pariahs in the eyes of imperialist, let it be so. Theres no coming back. Socialism is not only an alternative to neo-liberalism, it is the only solution to the socio-economic challenges facing humanity today.
As we join you and the Venezuelan people on this inauguration day that is being celebrated by all progressive movements and leftist parties around the world we are reminded of Comrade Raul Castro’s words at the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution that: The greatest lesson that revolutionaries and progressive movements can draw from the situation that has shaped is that of never neglecting unity with the people, and not desisting in the struggle in defense of the interests of the oppressed, however difficult the circumstances.

Comrade Nicolas, congratulations

Dr Fred Mmembe Socialist Party (Zambia) presidential candidate for 2021 and Deputy General Secretary

US Military invasion of Venezuela highly possible

US Military invasion of Venezuela highly possible

A US military intervention of Venezuela is highly possible. The dynamics in American domestic politics are creating an environment in which the anti-Venezuelan forces are gaining an upper hand. This is a coalition involving US based Venezuelan dissidents, right-wing Latin American cartels and conservative Christian groupings. It is the type of groups President Trump is targeting in the bid to sustain domestic support for his administration and perform well in the forthcoming midterm elections. The heightened aggressiveness and impunity of the Columbian ruling elite, which currently serves as Washington’s blue-eyed boys in Latin America, has also helped to unite the Anti-Venezuelan forces and reawakened the possibilities of a full-scale military invasion.

In August 2017, President Trump had asked his foreign policy advisers about the possibility of invading Venezuela – a country whose economy was already crippled by sanctions and its leadership demonised as corrupt, narcotic peddlers and left-wing dictators. The suggestion to invade Venezuela had surprised even his advisors, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and National Security Adviser HR McMaster, both of whom have since left his administration. Similarly, even the Latin American leaders whose accomplice he sort were not ready for an invasion. However, the current team of advisors and Latin American right wing leaders are not as careful and cautious. There is growing excitement to finally destroy the Bolivarian revolution.

The disdain and hate for the socialist oriented Bolivarian revolution is understandable. When oil prices were high, Venezuela extended financial support to its poor Latin American and Caribbean neighbours. Even poor communities in the USA received energy subsidies from Citgo,a subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-owned Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. Venezuela was becoming an example of a society where poor people could come out of poverty through a committed and egalitarian government policy. This is the opposite of the greed and individualism of neo-liberal capitalism. Venezuela was is not the example that is required in Latin America – just at the backyard of the USA! American imperialism fears the power of an enlightened and socialist inspired people more than anything else.

In his desire to invade Venezuela, President Trump is known to have alluded to what he considered past cases of successful gunboat diplomacy in the region. The invasions of Panama and Grenada in the 1980s were such examples. This is outright reckless. Panama and Grenada have hardly recovered from these invasions. The economic and social costs have been huge.

Venezuela may not be a military power, even by Latin American standards. However, the majority of the poor masses are supporters of the revolution. These are the key pillars in the defence of the country against foreign invasion. They have shaped the country’s defence doctrine to stress asymmetrical warfare: using insurgency to wear down the invading enemy forces over time. Venezuela will be more than Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Millions will perish and American lives will recklessly be sacrificed. Hopefully sanity will prevail and humanity is spared such a macabre invasion.