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Meet Comrade Siame Humphrey

Meet Comrade Siame Humphrey Featured

Comrade Siame Humphrey, candidate for Ndola Central, says he joined the socialist struggle as a Christian.

“Jesus came to show love for all, but capitalism has really killed Africa, therefore I decided to stand as MP and fight for the voiceless,” he said.

“My constituency has suffered enough. The roads are impassable, there is a lack of safe drinking water, and high levels of unemployment. As member of parliament, I will fight for my people so that work is done effectively.

“Let’s use this chance we have to vote out capitalism and replace it with a socialist agenda. Let’s vote for Dr Fred M’membe for president.

”A widower with six children, Comrade Siame attended primary and secondary school in Ndola. He has a diploma in stores management, stock control, transport and logistics, and another in theology.