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It’ll be another ‘Don’t Kubeba’!

It’ll be another ‘Don’t Kubeba’! Featured

Our political opponents or competitors solve everything on a price basis, but we don’t. That is why a revolutionary consciousness, a socialist consciousness, an internationalist consciousness is so necessary to us.

The first thing we did – even before our party was registered – was to set up an ideological school.

We don’t compete with the petty bourgeois parties in the matter of money. They have piled up huge wealth exploiting, robbing the people.

Yes, they have a lot of money for their election campaigns. But we have something more powerful than money and that is consciousness. That is why we are more powerful than them. We are not for sale, we have a conscience while they have money – nothing but money.

They are busy giving bicycles to village headmen in exchange for political support. But these bicycles are being used by these village headmen and their people to do political work for us.

It will certainly be another ‘Don’t Kubeba’.

Fred M’membe