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Shall Africa Ever Be Free?

Shall Africa Ever Be Free?

By Chishaba Masengu

Nor sooner had Africa gained independence than the continent immediately slugged into Neo colonialism that was perpetrated by the same colonial master.

The philosophical principle of Negation of the Negation did not apply positively here because the abolishion of colonialism did not give birth to freedom but merely an advanced form of the former ideology.

The death of political and geographical colonialism marely paved way for economic and ideological colonialism which saw the advent of indirect rule and control from the colonialists.

Today , the coloniser controls the means of production and has a concrete economic base in the world’s super structure. This he/she uses as power to create and control surrogate African leaders that are unfortunately bound to the dept and loan conditions advanced by the modern slave master.

Resources are exploited at the expense of the African benefactor. The coloniser controls the mineral excavating machinery and trade market value.

Minerals are exploited, wars are perpetrated in order to lay a volatile and unstable environment that is conducive for manipulation. Haven’t you ever wondered why the Democratic Republic of Congo is perpetually in disorder?

That’s because the Congo is probably the most blessed place on earth where minerals are concerned. The Congo has been unstable because of its Uranium, Colton (used for ICT materials) and rubber among other minerals.

That is why Che Guarvera said ‘Africa will never be free until the Congo is liberated’. Patrice Lumumba paid the price. Africa is not yet free. We need to liberate ourselves from this mental captivity.