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Meet Comrade John Zulu

Meet Comrade John Zulu Featured

Socialist Party candidate for the Kasenengwa constituency, Comrade John Zulu, is a local farmer. He attended Chiparamba Primary School in Kasenengwa District and studied higher grades at Anoya Zulu Boys’ Secondary School, Chipata.

Comrade Zulu is a Church of Pentecost member and ordained church deacon and has worked for the Electoral Commission of Zambia as both assistant voter registration officer and voter education facilitator.

He said he joined the Socialist Party partly because he was moved by its ideas and ideologies, the values of honesty, humility, equity and solidarity, that “align well with my Christian faith and beliefs of love thy neighbour as you love yourself”. He was also attracted to the party’s commitment to free education and healthcare and its pledge to revamp the agricultural sector.

“My constituency is in the rural part of Zambia. We depend upon agriculture for our livelihood and I have no doubt that when the Socialist Party takes over government in 2021 Kasenengwa will be a transformed community under the leadership of Dr Fred M’membe,” he said.

“I was driven to join politics because of the dire conditions that the people of Kasenengwa are subjected to every day.”

Comrade Zulu said he was looking for changes in his constituency such as the creation of youth resource centres and developing income-generating activities such as livestock farming and growing cash crops. “The conditions our people are facing are worsening by the day. The debt crisis, falling kwacha and extreme poverty have pushed our people and patience to the limit, 2021 is a big deal for all Zambians. Only the Socialist Party will deliver the change and transformation we seek.”