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Statement of the Socialist Party on the UPND led Opposition Alliance

Statement of the Socialist Party on the UPND led Opposition Alliance

The Socialist Party is not going to join the UPND led Opposition Alliance.

And we have not been invited to do so – probably because our colleagues in the UPND and other opposition political parties know our principled position on this score.

While the UPND and its allies, together with the Patriotic Front, are seeking to entrench capitalism in Zambia, our objective is to build a totally different type of society anchored on justice, equity and peace and on the values of honesty, humility and solidarity – a socialist Zambia.

For all their differences, quarrels or squabbles and mock engagements, there’s more in common between the UPND led Opposition Alliance and the Patriotic Front – which are all pro-capitalist political parties – than they can ever individually or collectively have with us.

For them winning elections is everything; for us it can never be political alliances just for sake of winning elections. We can only join political alliances for socialism and the struggle for a more progressive, just, fair and humane world.

We will, however, respectfully cooperate, work together with our colleagues in the UPND and other opposition political parties to remove the cruel, tyrannical and despotic impediments placed by the Patriotic Front and its government on the holding of free, fair and peaceful elections in Zambia.

Issued by Fred M’membe on behalf of the Politburo of the Socialist Party

Sunday, March 24, 2019
21:56 hours

Garden Compound,