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Meet Comrade Maximo Sinkonde

Meet Comrade Maximo Sinkonde Featured

Comrade Maximo Sinkonde is the parliamentary candidate for Senga constituency in Northern Province.

He studied at Kavumbo Primary and Mambwe Mission Secondary schools winning a place into grade 10 at Mbala High School. He is a graduate of the Pan African School in South Africa and also a trainer in ideology.

He worked as a sales executive at Istikbal in Kitwe and also in the mines with Lunga Resources Limited before being deployed by the Socialist Party to help mobilise Northern Province.

Sinkonde joined the party in 2017, partly on account of its ideology, but also because “it is the only party that will give our people real solutions to lift them out of this quagmire; the destitution, hopelessness, poverty, thuggery, unbridled competition and consumerism, greed and corruption”.

“The Socialist Party puts women and youths at the centre of its programmes and values honesty, equity, solidarity and humility. I believe in equity in teams of access to education, universal healthcare, clean and safe drinking water, sanitation and decent housing, and also in the quality of the leadership of Dr Fred M’membe, Dr Cosmas Musumali, Dr Ngenda Mwikisa, and the many other honest people running the party now,” he said.

“I want to see the country and Senga constituency become prosperous in my lifetime, to see the lives of the poor improve and the children have access to quality education.

”Comrade Sinkonde said the 2021 elections were very important for Zambia.

“If any Zambian thinks changing the faces of presidents without changing the system of governance, without uprooting capitalism, will help this country, then we are going nowhere. We are at a crossroads, but we can’t continue doing the same thing and expect different results, that’s naivety.”