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Meet Comrade Preston Chinyama

Meet Comrade Preston Chinyama Featured

Comrade Preston Chinyama is parliamentary candidate for Nalolo Constituency. He was born in Kwandwana village in Mwana Mulena Kaiba’s village, the Mwandi area of Chief Mushemi, and was educated at Mwandi Primary School in Nalolo, Kanyonyo primary in Mongu, Limulunga primary in Limulunga Royal Village, Mulambwa primary in Mongu, and Sesheke Secondary School.

He spent 15 years in civil society organisations and joined active politics in 2016, “so I could look at life from a different perspective and serve my people and the nation in another way”.“I understand Western Province and Zambian politics much better because I’m a member of the Socialist Party national media brigade, provincial spokesperson, as well as a coordinator, and a participant in different training schemes.

“The people of Nalolo constituency and Zambia want change and I’m going to be a part of that change. We are going to mobilise with courage, humility, dignity and civility,” he said.

“Among the most critical issues we will focus on in the early days of the Socialist Party in government will be adequate education for all school age groups, adequate healthcare, agricultural revolution, from food security to food sovereignty, and infrastructure development in critical areas of all human endeavors, making Nalolo constituency a humane place to live in.

“Let the working class masses join the Socialist Party because it is the people’s revolution. It is for the good of Zambia. It is for the good of the revolution. As Dr Fred M’membe says, ‘It can be dark at times but the morning comes’.”