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Meet Comrade Debby Mwangala Akamana

Meet Comrade Debby Mwangala Akamana Featured

Comrade Debby Mwangala Akamana is the Socialist Party’s MP candidate for the Lukulu constituency. She studied her grades 11 and 12 and sat the Cambridge Secondary School Certificate in Kalabo before attending Military Training Kamitonte in Solwezi.

She holds a primary teacher’s certificate from Mongu Secondary School and teaching diploma in education from the University of Zambia.

Comrade Akamana has taught at both primary and secondary schools in Luapula, Western and Northern provinces, and has also lectured at Lyambai Teachers’ College and Teachers’ Littlewoods Pre-School.

She said she joined the Socialist Party to further the ideals of honesty, humility, equity and solidarity and to focus on justice, equity and peace, “the three issues we need in this country to bridge the deepening gaps between the haves and have nots, to bring stability and to ensure that we build systems that work for everyone”.

“Being a part of the SP has helped me broaden a deeper understanding of my country, of how our problems have evolved overtime. The capitalist system has not uplifted workers despite their immense hard work,” she said.

“My constituency, Lukulu, is located in Western Province with one of the highest poverty levels of 82.2 percent. These are extreme poverty levels by any standards. As such, I count it a joy and blessing to be a part of the SP revolutionary team with a vision to make Zambia a better country that strives to uplift its people, particularly the poor.

”Comrade Akamana said her experience as a teacher, a leader in the community and a single mother has meant she has always worked on issues that affect the less privileged.

“I envision real change in Lukulu with better schools, healthcare facilities, enough food a booming agricultural sector, and decent houses with proper sanitation,” she said.