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M’membe Literacy program extends to Kasenengwa constituency

M’membe Literacy program extends to Kasenengwa constituency Featured

The Fred M’membe literacy program has elated the people of Kasenengwa constituency in Eastern Province.

And the communities in Kwenje and Mpunza wards in the constituency are excited at the fact that they would now be able to comprehend documents presented to them, including reading and writing.

The Socialist Party in Kasenengwa has launched the Fred M’membe adult literacy classes.

Speaking at the launch of the programme, Socialist Party Mpunza ward aspiring councillor Acklas Phiri said it was empowering for those recruited to undertake the programme as they would also minimize incidents of being swindled by unscrupulous people.

Phiri said a lot of people have been swindled in many ways as they have been signing on things that they don’t know or understand.

“These classes will reduce the swindling in our area and many people will also start following current affairs. When people from outside introduce projects they use English language and as such our members end up accepting things they don’t know or understand,” said Phiri.

He also called on the teachers to be dedicated to the work they have welcomed to start teaching elder people in the area.

“Am appealing to elder people to come in numbers and register to take part in these literacy classes as they are very beneficial to our community and the country,” he said.

And one of the learners, Mary Ngoma has commended the Socialist Party MP candidate for Kasenengwa constituency John Zulu for coming on board to reduce illiteracy levels in the two wards.

“My fellow elder people let’s take part in this wonderful program so that no one should cheat us to do what is not right for our families and our future, let me also take this opportunity to say thank you to Dr Fred M’membe through our able candidate John Zulu and the Socialist Party for answering our prayers,” said Ngoma.

She said a lot of adults in the areas had no opportunity to learn how to read or write and yet an opportunity had been presented to them.

Meanwhile, SP Kasenengwa MP Candidate John Zulu has called on members of the Party not to stop anyone from attending the classes. He said the classes are for everyone regardless of their political affiliation.

“Let’s all learn, the lessons are free and they are open to everyone regardless of their political affiliation, yes the program is from the Socialist Party but it’s for the community. Together we can eradicate illiteracy in Kasenengwa counstitucy,” said Zulu.

He emphasized that no one should be told to pay as the party has already provided teaching and learning materials.