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Greetings from the Socialist Party (Zambia)

Greetings from the Socialist Party (Zambia)

Dear Comrade President Lula,

Before coming to your home land of Brazil, we had asked our comrades at MST if it would be possible to see you. We were told it would not be possible due to the very limited number of visitors you are permitted per week.

As a result we had no alternative but to write you this short letter.

You are not alone in that prison; we are with you – and we will be with you until you come out.

They have put the wrong man in prison – Lula. Your jailers are the ones who should be in that prison, and not you.

You are not a criminal, they are the criminals who should be in prison.

We will not rest until you are out of there and the real criminals are put in there.

Like every other true revolutionary we know you are everyday strengthened by your innocence and the humane convictions you hold.

These frightened little men scared of their own shadows because of the many crimes they have committed against the Brazilian people, can’t break you by keeping you in prison.

We hope to meet with you soon as a free leader of our people and our common cause.

We love you dear Comrade President.

Aluta continua!
Victoria acerta!

Fred M’membe

Socialist Party presidential candidate in the 2021 Zambian elections