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Meet Comrade Jeff Chabala

Meet Comrade Jeff Chabala Featured

Comrade Jeff Chabala, candidate for the Roan constituency, says he joined politics because of his love for both his city and Zambia. Chabala attended Roan primary and Twashuka secondary schools in Luanshya and went on to gain a bachelor’s degree in theology and a diploma in world missions and church planning. He is currently pursuing an LLB.

Chabala said there was a lack of infrastructure development in the Roan constituency and people were suffering from a high level of poverty.

“The pressing issues include unemployment due to a dependency on the mining industry and a lack of stability,” he said, adding that there were also issues with sanitation and medical equipment in hospitals.

“The socialist government will diversify the economy to invest heavily in the agriculture sector, education and health, and to create jobs.”