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Meet Comrade Mulenga Chiluba

Meet Comrade Mulenga Chiluba Featured

Comrade Mulenga Chiluba is the parliamentary candidate for Kañchibiya constituency in Muchinga Province.

After schooling to GCE level, Comrade Chiluba gained a diploma as a primary school teacher and was also awarded a diploma in pastoring from Calvary University in Kansas City, Missouri. He worked as a volunteer teacher for 10 years, was a director at Mutamba Nshiku Secondary School for three years, served as a peer educator, the secretary of a neighbourhood health committee, and was also a prayer leader at a catholic church for 18 years. He is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in civic and religious education at the Mpika branch of St Eugene University.

Comrade Chiluba says he was inspired by the determination and achievement of Socialist Party president Fred M’membe.

“I decided to take up the position of parliamentary candidate to serve Kañchibiya constituency,” he said. “I want Kañchibiya to be transformed like other developed communities with things like good roads, bridges, schools, clean water and sanitation, as well as being able to support peasant farmers.”

Comrade Chiluba says 2021 is going to be “a big deal” for every Zambian. “This is our chance to rescue ourselves from poverty, hunger and a poor economy, and to change this nation from capitalism to socialism,” he said.