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Statement of the Socialist Party on the death of Comrade Grey Zulu

Statement of the Socialist Party on the death of Comrade Grey Zulu

Comrade Grey Zulu, the revolutionary freedom fighter, born September 3, 1924, breathed his last on August 16, 2020 at his home in Makeni, Lusaka.

The Politburo, the Central Committee and all ranks of the Socialist Party membership mourns the great freedom fighter Grey Zulu who spent a greater part of his life in the struggle to free our people from the British colonial domination, humiliation and exploitation and to build us a nation – Zambia.

The Socialist Party joins the Zulu family and the nation in mourning our great freedom fighter and nation builder Grey Zulu.

His patriotism and sacrifice will continue to inspire generations of Zambians, especially those committed to building a more fair, just and humane society – a socialist Zambia.

We deeply mourn the death of Comrade Zulu, one the last three remaining members of our country’s first Cabinet. With his death, the nation has lost an illustrious founding father who dedicated his whole life to the cause of the people.
Death, especially of freedom fighters, is always unacceptable; it is to them that we owe our existence as a nation.

Comrade Grey Zulu was a sincere, selfless, humble, incorruptible and reliable leader of our people.

This strong, honest and wise man always looked into the future with confidence.

He embodied the high ideals of a politician, citizen and patriot who wholeheartedly believed in the cause of the people, to which he devoted his life.

Socialists in Zambia and beyond will always cherish his memory in their hearts.

We are fully confident that this spirit will never die and that it will continue to enlighten and inspire our people, especially the youth, for continuing to peacefully campaign to finally liberate our nation from neocolonial domination, humiliation and exploitation.

In this mournful hour, we pass on our members’ words of sympathy and support to his widow, Comrade Mary, and all members of his family and all who knew, loved and respected Comrade Zulu.
We wish them courage and tenacity as they face this irreparable loss.

At times like these words seem inadequate to convey the sense of loss.

We have lost a comrade and friend. May his spirit live on in the struggles of our poor people.

Issued by Fred M’membe, President of the Socialist Party

Mwika Royal Village, Chinsali