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It’s about time Zambia turned left! Dr M’membe the answer to our despair! -Socialist Party Women’s League

It’s about time Zambia turned left! Dr M’membe the answer to our despair! -Socialist Party Women’s League

A saying goes: “’if in doubt, go left. Always”.

Today, Zambia stands at a crossroad. Not only are we in doubt about the direction that we are headed as a country, but everyone is either stressed, depressed, overwhelmed, or anxious about tomorrow. The uncertainties are truly overwhelming and require extraordinary leadership to help us jump from this fire and begin to face the future with some confidence.

The leadership we have endured in the past years and today has not inspired much confidence. We have been jumping from fire to a frying pan and back. The capitalist oriented approach that the previous and current leaders have knowingly and unknowingly embraced since the 1990s have not helped us much. We are really lagging behind and the future looks totally dark. Nothing has changed for the majority poor Zambians and the working class. The struggles in the urban townships are immense, and our rural communities remain so remote with so little hope of ever playing catch up.

Before the Corona virus outbreak, we were rated the fourth (number 4) hungriest country in Africa after Chad, Central African Republic and Madagascar. Today, it is hard to tell where we stand – but the declining economy, long hours of load shedding, and food insecurity – mealie meal now at its record high in our history point us to the many troubles ahead.

The answers truly lie within us.

We are truly called to soul search and deeply do so to restore the dignity of our country, the Zambia we want. Zambia thirsts for a committed, dedicated, free from corruption, hard-working, humble, visionary leadership that truly puts the masses first, and has their interests at heart. Zambia truly needs a leadership that will turn us to the left to allow for a collective approach to addressing the problems we face today.

The world over, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the dark side of capitalism and the deep inequalities that have existed and only favoured a few. But we have also seen that this pandemic is an equalizer; it knows no rich or poor. Many people have expressed views that going forward, we absolutely need to do business differently. The old normal is gone!

In Zambia, we need leaders that think big about how we are going to restructure our lives, address our problems, the health system, economy and education among others. We have been on a capitalist right turn for years and it has led us to nothing but poor governance,poor leadership, individualism, corruption, closing up of media freedoms and deep misery.

It’s about time we turned left!

Dr Fred M’membe is truly the answer to our puzzle; the answer to our quest for justice, equity and peace.

M’membe Uwesu, Witu, Wesu, Nguwesu, Wathu Wathu is the answer to our despair.

Join the movement fellow Zambians and vote Dr Fred M’membe in August 2021.

Socialist Party Women’s League

Statement of Socialist Party (Zambia) on Tuesday’s earthquake in Venezuela

Statement of Socialist Party (Zambia) on Tuesday’s earthquake in Venezuela

It is with profound sadness that we receive the news of the earthquake catastrophe that hit Venezuela on Tuesday.
It is with sadness, that we heard and saw on television the destruction caused by this earthquake.
We would like to extend our heartfelt sympathy to all Venezuelan people.
We are thinking so much of the people of Venezuela as they experience this terrible earthquake and all its consequences.
We are so sorry to see this devastation; we know Venezuela is a nation of people who will work their way through it all. We have a great admiration for the Venezuelan people.
We will be thinking of you each day – as always.
It would be a formidable task to recover from an earthquake of this magnitude. The Socialist Party (Zambia) stands in solidarity with the people of Venezuela through this difficult time.
We are concerned about the dire consequences of this deadly earthquake which will multiply the problems of the people of Venezuela.

By Dr Fred M’membe, Socialist Party (Zambia) Deputy General Secretary and the party’s presidential candidate in the 2021 elections.

Statement on International Workers’ Day

Statement on International Workers’ Day

Revolutionary May 1 greetings to all those who toil!

May 1 is not simply a day  of celebration for the working class, their trade unions and  political parties – socialist parties.

On this day, we are reminded about why the flag of working class organisations – trade unions, political parties – is red. “Our life’s blood has dyed its every fold,” goes the traditional labour song.

We know that for the working class, its authentic trade unions and political parties the road ahead is tortuous, full of twists and turns.

Therefore, for the working class and its organisations May 1 is a day for casting away illusions and preparing for struggle. It is a time to unite all working class forces against real class enemies.

On a day like this we are reminded that not all those who wave the red flag or claim to speak for the working class actually do so.

May 1 started when Chicago police massacred workers and revolutionaries who were fighting for an eight-hour workday. Back then, workers drudged through ten, twelve-hour shifts.

Today, workers face the same long hours at dangerous work and still barely make enough money to get by.

But for some, instead of working too much, they can’t find work at all, or can’t get enough hours in the clocking jobs they  have.

What we need to realise is that this unemployment is not primarily due to globalised labour markets, but to mechanisation, digitisation or the shift from formal to real domination of capital.

Therefore, this struggle is for the unemployed and precariously employed people too.

To overcome these challenges is going to take serious effort to develop the working class theoretically and strategically as a class.

A big reason why so many workers are out of work is because they been replaced by machines – excavators, combine-harvesters, ATMs and so on and so forth.

In a more just, fair and humane world, it would be a good thing to have machines to do boring, dangerous, backbreaking work. It would mean that the workers have more time to learn, to be creative, to worship and develop themselves spiritually, to spend time with family and friends.

But this isn’t a just, fair and humane world. This is capitalism. Workers produce enough to feed, house, and clothe every person on the planet, but millions starve and live without homes, proper sanitation, clean water, education, health services. This is because with capitalism the fundamental reason we produce things like food, houses, and clothing is not to use them, but to make a profit for the rich.

An alternative world is possible, where workers  can produce what they  need in order to use it, and where they all have a say in what they make and how they make it. So how do workers get there? It’s through socialism and the Socialist Party!

It’s only socialism and socialism alone that can help us solve these problems and create a more just, fair and humane society.