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One bad term doesn’t deserve another, Hichilema aleya!

One bad term doesn’t deserve another, Hichilema aleya! Featured

We were back at the police yesterday because Mr Hakainde Hichilema and his far-right corrupt, puppet regime is being haunted by our exponential growth, support, and solidarity among the poor masses of this country.

Mr Hichilema is unsettled by the fact that more and more of our people, including his own supporters, agree with our message and vision for a more equal, fair, just and united Zambia.

Our people have read through this one-term puppet regime’s corrupt and divisive rhetoric and have resolved to correct the mistake they made in the last general election.

Even Mr Hichilema and the masters who control him know that we not only support our people, but that more and more of our people, especially the poor masses, heavily support us too.

This is why Mr Hichilema and his league are desperate and willing to practise autocracy while preaching democracy. But we fully understand what is happening to them and how this unstoppable mass movement of the people affects them.

We know this, and global history has shown that the more corrupt a regime becomes, the more intolerant and repressive it is towards opposition political parties and critical voices. And what we are facing today is the standard outcome that unfolds whenever a regime’s corrupt, incompetent, and authoritarian path is unmasked.

But we have a message for Mr Hichilema and his league, and that is: “The struggle to liberate our people from poverty and squalor will never die. This is one struggle we are willing to sacrifice and pay a heavy price for”.

So, let them know they’re in for a tough fight with us as we pursue justice, equity, and peace.

We will not be deterred by scared, evil puppets and their equally evil masters, who are willing to strangle our people with poverty while they greedily share our minerals and natural resources.

Time is ticking and time will tell. The damage being done to our country will be accounted for someday soon by those inflicting severe losses, suffering, and destruction on innocent people.

Our people have suffered indignity and injustice from imperialists and their puppet regimes, such as the one governing our country today, for far too long.

One bad term doesn’t deserve another, aleya!

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party

UPND government is highly corrupt, unstable and directionless

UPND government is highly corrupt, unstable and directionless Featured

Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s government is highly corrupt, unstable and directionless and our people must manage their expectations because nothing epic will arise out of this double-dealing far- right UPND regime.

We can say it without any hesitation that Mr Hichilema is leading the most corrupt, divisive and neo-colonialist puppet regime in the history of our nation. Simply put, Mr Hichilema and his league are agents of mining transnational corporations and the Brenthurst Foundation with the primary focus of keeping the indigenous suffering majority of our people to the extreme margins of economic structures and activities as they regain control of our mineral resources and national wealth.

Without a doubt, these are people who are unpatriotic to the nation and with no empathy whatsoever for the poor people on whose behalf they claim to govern. No wonder they can decide without reluctance to apply colonial administration methods of keeping the suffering indigenous people at the peripheries of the Central Business District of Lusaka without offering proper alternatives. They have no heart for the poor because Mr Hichilema and his league view the poor people of this nation as a nuisance.

Let us not forget that Mr Hichilema told our people so many lies and typical of his kind, instead of apologising for his deceit and manipulation, he has elected to pass the blame on the poor people, whose trust and confidence he has abused unsympathetically.

Going forward, our honest counsel to the Zambian people is to understand Mr Hichilema in the context that he is a brutally stubborn liar and manipulator with no clue on how to govern the country fairly, efficiently, effectively and in an orderly manner yet reluctant to follow advice. Zambians must know that the lies Mr Hichilema told before being elected into office; the lies he is telling today and the lies he will tell tomorrow are all done consciously and intentionally.

These lies are neither misstatements of fact nor regrettable errors. They are all part of Mr Hichilema’s grand scheme to “fabricate his own reality” and run with it as if there is nothing wrong or indecent about what he is doing. In Mr Hichilema’s mind, he owes nobody an honest discourse and promise later alone an apology once caught lying.

It’s a shameless and unethical undertaking, which unfortunately, Mr Hichilema seems to have perfected and adopted as part of his persona over time but it will no longer work because Zambians are wide-awake to his deception and are resolute to put a stop to this corrupt, dishonest and manipulative regime. And Mr Hichilema and his far-right UPND government must know that we have launched a selfless struggle for the poor people of this nation and nothing will stand in our way. Pantu ubufi bwachila!

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party

Corrupt, tyrannical politicians cling onto power

Corrupt, tyrannical politicians cling onto power Featured

It’s difficult for one who has soiled himself to stand up and leave while everyone is watching.

But without standing up to leave and clean oneself the mess won’t disappear. And the humiliation won’t go away. It’s only by stand up to clean oneself that the humiliation disappears, goes away.

Similarly, politicians who have abused their public offices, who have stolen from their people and have been tyrannical have serious difficulties leaving power.

They invariably seek to perpetuate themselves in power. They seek to change constitutions and give themselves more years in power. They are never ready to leave. They try to persuade and convince everyone that only them can govern well, without them there will be chaos in the nation – only them are God chosen to lead.

Corrupt and tyrannical politicians work against the nation’s best interests to hold onto power.

There are two sides to political leadership. On the positive side, great political leaders can make a big difference in the nation. They can inspire fellow citizens to share a vision and to work together to achieve great national things. On the negative side, there are comforts that come with political leadership roles including higher salaries, respect, and other perks and even possible abuses. So, when someone attains a political leadership role, they are reluctant to give it up.

Unfortunately, the behaviors that some politicians may engage in to hold onto a political leadership role once they have it can seriously undermine national interest and well being.

When politicians had a political leadership strategy focused on keeping themselves in power in perpetuity, they limited the development of a new leadership to replace them to avoid being challenged. So, political leaders protected their position from the most threatening fellow citizens when they felt they could lose their position.

In this case, leaders with a desire to cling onto power would isolate the most talented fellow party members or citizens from everyone else. Those not seeking to cling onto power would allow alternative leadership to develop.

Politicians who are prone to want to protect their power will engage in behaviors that promote their own interests over those of the nation in cases where their continued hold on power is in jeopardy.

These tendencies are likely to influence even more well intentioned political leaders, and so they provide a tendency that political leaders need to overcome to ensure that they act in the best interests of their people and country.

Fred M’membe

Garden Compound, Lusaka