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A clarion call to register as a voter

A clarion call to register as a voter

Voter registration is starting this week. I remind you that voting is not only your right, but rather your duty. If you don’t register to vote and withhold your vote, Zambians run a risk of getting into public offices people who have no national interest at heart and who are going to jeopardize the future of your children. Not registering as a voter and not voting is incompatible with one’s duty as a citizen and as a Christian.Exercise your right therefore and take up your Christian duty. Go, register so that on August 12, 2021 you can vote for the right persons.

The neglect of the duty of participating in the choice of leaders at all levels brings catastrophic results to the nation. It’s a great mistake to shun this responsibility.
All who have reached the voting age should register and participate in electing leaders who have the necessary qualities.

It should be understood that the neglect of participating in the voting and in the election of good leaders allows unworthy candidates to take leadership positions and brings disharmony in our country.

Neglecting to register as voter is to lose a person’s right and the nation’s right.
Registering as a voter and voting is a serious duty. Whether Zambia will next year have good or bad laws, an upright or inefficient administration depends on you registering to vote and actually voting.

A person who is able to register as a voter and vote but never does so is guilty of serious omission. Citizens who do not care for their duty of voting are an easy prey to tyranny.

Fred M’membe
Mwika Royal Village, Chinsali