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Meet Comrade Ntazana Mutungwa Musukuma

Meet Comrade Ntazana Mutungwa Musukuma Featured

Comrade Ntazana Mutungwa Musukuma is the parliamentary candidate for Chawama constituency. He was educated at Kamulanga primary and Arakan secondary schools in Lusaka, gaining distinctions in all nine subjects he was studying, and went on to attend David Kaunda Technical High School, also in Lusaka.Comrade Musukuma undertook community service in Chawama and joined Sambo-Kayukwa and Company, where he worked as a Legal Assistant. He was later accepted as a student at the University of Zambia in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.He was elected chairperson on the Council of Hall Representatives at UNZA and received a commendation letter from the UNZA senate for exceptional academic performance after scoring not less than B+ in all his courses. He graduated from UNZA with a bachelor’s degree in public administration, going on to gain a master’s degree in public administration from the university.Comrade Musukuma worked as a research coordinator for various firms, including the Germany International Technical Engineering Consultancy, Foundation for Democratic Process, and the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, was appointed part-time lecturer at the National Institute of Public Administration, and founded Nalavwe Academic and Research Consultancy, becoming its CEO.He served as a senior local government officer but “lost interest in public service because of a widespread system indolence marred with corruption, and joined politics to contribute towards the creation of a decent Zambia characterised by hard work, honesty and equity”.“I was disappointed with the poor leadership, corruption, greed, injustice and degradation of Zambians by the Patriotic Front and dumped the ruling party to join the Socialist Party under the able leadership of Dr Fred M’membe,” he said.