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Political crooks, conmen have become very busy

Political crooks, conmen have become very busy Featured

It is said that one cannot fool all the people all the time but can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time. This is the strategy all conmen, charlatans and corrupt politicians follow to enchant, entice and entrap the gullible.
They always target the weak, those who feel vulnerable and seek support to pep up themselves.
The first step is to identify, isolate and indoctrinate and sow the seeds of fanatic, fascist and jingoistic slogan while all the time promising to protect them from the imaginary windmills of unpatriotic politicians, irreligious seculars out to rip the moral, social and political fabric of our great culture.
For a party in control of literary every institution and all the money in the country only needs to seduce the gullible with the idea that they and only they can save the nation.
Three tricks are employed to entrap and goad this herd of unsuspecting towards the booth. These three are mis-information, mis-guiding and mis-leading. The misinformation is simple and an art this team has perfected over the years.
The difference between misleading and misguiding is that in the first instance you lead from the front and in the second you only point fingers.
People who are susceptible to this false propaganda are not fools they are just simpletons who trust the leader and are thus misled. They are not fools but they are being fooled by cunning and vested interests that operate like cunning conmen. The need of the hour is to be aware of these political crooks, conmen who come up with all sorts of gifts – foodstuffs; bicycles for village headmen; cash handouts, motor vehicles for chiefs and religious leaders – when elections are near.
Where has this sudden money and benevolence come from?
Over the last few months the political crooks, conmen of this country have become very busy and are going round distributing mealie-meal, bicycles, cash and all sorts of things. Why? To fool you and get your votes!
But as the most famous utterance ever attributed to Abraham Lincoln says, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Fool them also; take all that they bring you but don’t vote for them – do a Michael Sata, a “Don’t kubeba” on them.

Fred M’membe

Silayi Village, Kalabo