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Worrying ethnic and regional composition of  ACC

Worrying ethnic and regional composition of ACC Featured

The ethnic or regional composition of the officers of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) would’t make one under its investigation and prosecution comfortable if they hail from the so-called non Zambezi ethnicities or regions.

Currently the officers of the ACC are:

  • Board Chairperson – Musa Mwenye SC (Soli)
  • Director General – Tom Trevor Shamakamba (Lenje)
  • Deputy Director General – Vacant
  • Secretary to the Commission (Controlling Officer) Ivor Mukwanka (Ila and cousin to Tom Trevor Shamakamba through the mother)

And the officers heading the four core departments of ACC are:

  1. Director for Community Education – Mutinta Cheelo (Tonga)
  2. Director for Corruption Prevention – Glenda Mungalaba (Tonga)
  3. Director for Investigations – Raymond Chiboola (Tonga)

And under Investigations there’s the Special Intelligence Unit headed by
Desmond Chiboola, the young brother to Raymond Chiboola (Tonga)

  1. Director for Legal and Prosecutions – Stella Mulenga (Married to Mr. Mulenga who is Bemba).
  2. Finance – headed by Josphat Maiba (Tonga)
  3. HR headed by Rachel Chisanga Mtengo in acting capacity (Bisa)

Again, we turn to the more often quoted aphorism – the dictum laid down by Lord Hewart, the then Lord Chief Justice of England in the case of Rex v. Sussex Justices, [1924] 1 KB 256: “Justice must not only be done, but must also be seen to be done.”

This is certainly not a recipe for governing well or for justice and fairness. It undermines the very important work of the ACC and unnecessarily brings into question the fairness of its decisions and actions.

Fred M’membe