Hichilema’s govt and the gay rights agenda

Hichilema’s govt and the gay rights agenda

While we wait for Mr Hakainde Hichilema to respond to our challenge for a public debate on national television regarding the UPND administration and State House’s involvement with gays and defenders, protectors and promoters of gay rights, we would like to ask the following questions:

(1) What role is the National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Council (NAC) playing in promoting the LGBTQ agenda?

(2) Didn’t NAC launch an LGBTQ programme and workshops for peer educators held with some facilitators being gay persons?

(3) Didn’t the NAC in collaboration with selected government hospitals and clinics, dealing with those in charge of clinics and hired counselors conduct workshops, which were aimed at sending crews to identify members of the LGBTQ community?

(4) Were they not using the term Key Population in place of LGBTQ in the programme?

(5) Is it not true that this administration has established a position of Technical Director in charge of Key and Vulnerable Populations and the position is funded by USAID/PEPFAR Fund?

(6) Is this the reason why for the first time in this country and under Mr Hichilema’s presidency, in May 2022, EU embassies hoisted gay pride flags in support and commitment to gay rights on Zambian soil?

(7) Could this also be reason why the French government sent a Mr Jean Mafart, an openly gay man whose male husband is a convicted drug trafficker, as French Ambassador accredited to Zambia?

(😎 What is Mr Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister and renowned gay rights Ambassador frequenting Zambia for?

For those of our people who may not know, Key Populations include populations that live in poverty and squalor without access to necessities such as safe housing, water, sanitation and nutrition.

As indicated above the term also include persons such as sex workers, gay men and other men who have sex with men, transgender people, people who inject drugs, and people in prisons and other enclosed settings.

In the meantime, we wait for Mr Hichilema and his newly installed mouthpiece, vuvuzela Mr Cornelius Mweetwa to answer the questions raised above.

We desire to take this discourse to its highest and final level and rest it there to curb the senseless path of malice and hate.

So a favourable response to our challenge to a public debate on national television with Mr Hichilema and Mr Mweetwa combined together will be a great opportunity for all of us to deal with these issues openly, truthfully and without innuendo.

Fred M’membe

President of the Socialist Party

Article by Socialist Party Zambia
The Socialist Party is a political formation whose primary mandate is to promote and entrench socialist values in the Zambian society. Anchored on the principles of Justice, Equity and Peace (JEP), the Socialist Party shall transform the Zambian society from capitalism to socialism, building socialism in three key sectors: Education, Agriculture and Health.

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