Speech by comrade Fred M’membe at Fieldmore’s funeral

Speech by comrade Fred M’membe at Fieldmore’s funeral

Speech by Dr Fred M’membe, Socialist Party (Zambia) Deputy General and the party’s 2021 presidential candidate at the funeral of Comrade Fieldmore Mapeto, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, August 25, 2018

Members of the bereaved family;
Leaders of Numsa, SAFTU, EFF and SRWP;
Leaders of ANC, SACP and COSATU;
Leaders of the EFF;
Colleagues of Mkhonto we Sizwe;
Respected comrades and friends,

We have come here to bury a political commissar for national liberation and socialism.

This function must be painful for all of us: first, because we are losing a good revolutionary comrade; second, because we are losing a Marxist-Leninist teacher of the first rank; third, because those of us who were his comrades, friends and colleagues are losing a comrade, a friend, a brother and a colleague. Nevertheless, how should revolutionaries react to the death of a comrade, friend, brother or colleague?

Comrades, Comrade Fieldmore understood very well the fate of a revolutionary fighter when he joined our people’s army, Chris Hani’s army – Mkhonto we Sizwe. Death is the fate of all. It is the only rest for a truly revolutionary fighter. And death is familiar to us all.

Comrades, on behalf of the Socialist Party (Zambia) I wish to convey our feelings of deep sorrow on the death of our dear friend and brother, Comrade Fieldmore.

Over the last three years, cadres of our party learned profound respect for Comrade Fieldmore as one of the most gifted, passionate and profound disseminators of the ideas of Marxism-Leninism, ideas that are guiding our joint and common struggles for a more just, fair and humane world.
United under the banner of those ideas, today we are creating more and more revolutionary organisations and opening up new fronts in our struggle across Africa and other parts of the exploited, oppressed and humiliated world.

Comrade Fieldmore helped our cadres uphold the cause of socialism despite the treachery, vacillation, and irresolution of many of our comrades.

Comrades, there’s a lot to be said – and a lot will continue to be said about Comrade Fieldmore and our struggle – but this is not the best place and occasion for long speeches.

Comrade Fieldmore, we lay you to rest with the pledge that a socialist Zambia, South Africa, Africa and world you struggled for and dreamed of will one day become a reality.

Dear Comrade Fieldmore, we all owe you a debt that can only be repaid through continuing this struggle without respite, pause or improvisation – which was the passion and dream of your life.

Fighter, revolutionary, soldier for national liberation and socialism, we mourn deeply for you. You will remain in our hearts forever.

Fieldmore lives in us!
Chris Hani lives in us!
Fidel lives in us!

Article by Fred M'membe

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