Venezuelan revolutionaries won’t let terrorists win

Venezuelan revolutionaries won’t let terrorists win

We are shocked and angry today by the barbaric attempt to kill the revolutionary Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro.

We are horrified by this horrendous terrorist attack that has left seven Venezuelans injured. Our thoughts are with these injured Venezuelans, their families and friends.

We are confident the Venezuelan revolutionaries will never let these terrorists win, and will never be cowed by terrorist attacks.

Any government or organisation that supports terrorist actions like this is complicit in the attempt to murder President Maduro and injure innocent people and is equally guilty of terrorist crimes.

Today, all revolutionaries and people of good will are united beyond all borders in support of President Maduro and Venezuelan revolutionaries’ courage and determination.

We stand in absolute solidarity with President Maduro and Venezuelan revolutionaries.

We all have to step up the struggle against, and defeat, the ideology that fuels such terrorist attacks.


Dr Fred M’membe, Deputy General Secretary of the Socialist Party (Zambia) and the party’s 2021 presidential candidate.

Article by Fred M'membe

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