A Revolutionary Party Is Formed

A Revolutionary Party Is Formed

SOURCE: NewsDay Zambia

A revolutionary political formation, the Socialist Party has been formed in Zambia.

Announcing the formation of the Socialist Party in Zambia at Tripple M Lodge in Lusaka this monring, party acting general secretary Dr. Cosmas Musumali said real changes in the miserable social, cultural, economic and political lives of the working masses cannot come only through parliament and a few reforms.

“It would require bringing wealth creation and the running of state affairs under the democratic control and ownership of the working masses. This implies a more profound transformation, i.e. a revolution made by the majority of working masses themselves,” said Dr Musumali.

He said the Socialist Party was a political formation of the working class – peasants, workers, students, the youth, poor people, intelligentsia and others who bear the brunt of economic oppression and suppression.

Dr. Musumali said the SP aimed at building a just socialist society in which equal opportunities for all and a guarantee of democratic rights would clear the way for ending social and economic discrimination and exploitation by creating a societywhere the wealth produced by the toiling masses will not be appropriated by a few.

“The philosophy of Marxism-Leninism is indispensable for charting the path to such a new socialist system. Of course, this path will be determined by the specific historical conditions obtaining, as well as the particular characteristics and features of the Pan-African realities, Zambia’s own history, tradition, culture, social composition and level of development,” Dr. Musumali said.

He warned that this goal could not be achieved without a hard struggle and a firm commitment to democratic norms and values.

Dr Musumali said the socialist society and socialist state of Zambia shall fully safeguard the right of individual liberty, freedom of speech, press, association, conscience and religious belief whilst guaranteeing the right to form opposition political parties and defence to the multi-party system.

He said the socialist state shall always keep vigil and prevent the destruction of democracy and violation of people’s basic rights.

“The Party organises itself and its work on the basis of democratic centralism and on full inner party democracy. It fights for peace and against neo-colonialism. The Party firmly believes that real and basic interests of the people of the world are the same and hence we stand for proletarian internationalism and the causes of progressive popular movements wherever they emerge. International solidarity is in the best interest of our own struggle,” Dr Musumali explained.

He said the principles guiding the Socialist Party include unwavering commitment to socialist values, necessity of self-emancipation, transformative power of socialist democracy and importance of a revolutionary process in bringing real changes.

Dr Musumali said the Socialist Party was building on the long history of resistance and liberation of ancestoral beliefs and experiences.

“In addition, the spirit and commitment of our freedom fighters that made the attainment of political independence possible in 1964 nourishes our passion and zeal. We are the heirs of the revolutionary spirit of Zambia,” he said.

Dr Musumali said Zambia needed a transformative change, but this was not possible under the system inherited in 1991 which had miserably failed.

Article by Socialist Party Zambia
The Socialist Party is a political formation whose primary mandate is to promote and entrench socialist values in the Zambian society. Anchored on the principles of Justice, Equity and Peace (JEP), the Socialist Party shall transform the Zambian society from capitalism to socialism, building socialism in three key sectors: Education, Agriculture and Health.

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