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A greater sin to tolerate injustice

A greater sin to tolerate injustice

If there’s one thing I can say to the Zambian people today is that I hate injustice. And I will say it at length.

Like Christ we should tremble with indignation whenever an injustice is committed against anyone.

It is a sin to commit injustice, but it is a greater sin to tolerate injustice.

It holds true, that is, if one continues to tolerate the injustice being done now, then it gives the offenders the courage to continue with their sins and there shall be no end to it.

Unless one raises their voice for honesty, truth and compassion against injustice, greed and lies the situation will not change on its own. We need to speak the truth even if our voice shakes.

People don’t bother if injustice is being done to someone but it makes a huge difference when the same situation is being faced by them or their loved ones.

If you see an injustice it’s better to voice your opinion be it for yourself or others.

It takes a lot of courage, efforts to stand up for what you believe in and it may involve a lot of risks as well.

What you allow is what you continue. Never ever be bullied into silence, for you will allow yourself to be made into a victim.

One needs to stand up for what one believes in even if it means standing alone. It does take a lot to stand alone.

We should voice our truth before all things get worse. Everything can be tolerated – except injustice.

The people who force us to tolerate injustice are the ones who are part of creating that injustice or a victim of it.

Fred M’membe
Mwika Royal Village, Chinsali

Our rulers have failed to reason, think

Our rulers have failed to reason, think

The economy of our country has collapsed but our rulers want to pretend that all is well and its business as usual.

They don’t even want to talk about it. They are preoccupying themselves with petty things that really don’t matter.

They can try to evade this reality, but they will not be able to evade the consequences of evading this reality.

They are busy trying to crush their opponents “like a tonne of bricks”. But a sensible leader is not motivated by the desire to annihilate opponents, but by the desire to solve problems and make life better for his/her people.

It’s very clear that our rulers are failing to reason, to think. Probably we are expecting too much from them. Reason is not automatic. And those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. We shouldn’t count on them to address this problem and make things better.

Everyone can see that our economy has collapsed. It can’t be concealed. The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evidence which everybody has decided not to see or acknowledge.

We have no alternative but to push them aside and usher in a new leadership – a revolutionary leadership – next year.

Fred M’membe
Mwika Royal Village, Chinsali

The Socialist Party of Zambia strongly condemns the use of force by the Bolsonaro government against the MST in Bahia.

The Socialist Party of Zambia strongly condemns the use of force by the Bolsonaro government against the MST in Bahia.

Last Wednesday, the Minister of Justice and Public Security, published Ordinance No. 493 in the Official Gazette (DOU), determining the use of the National Public Security Force (FNSP) in the municipalities Mucuri and Prado, where the MST maintains settlements.
The decision of the Bolsonaro government is outrageous and disproportionate. Bahia is located in a territory with rich and fertile lands that are the target of financial speculation, international capital and local oligarchies.
In view of the threats and arbitrary attacks, we strongly support the MST’s commitment to remain organized and in struggle so that the settlement and camp areas remain increasingly strengthened.

It is unthinkable that the Bolsonaro government can wage gross injustices against the landless people during a time when Brazil has the second highest number of Covid 19 cases and has recorded over 100,000 pandemic related deaths.

We stand in solidarity with and urge the MST and those in the settlement and camp areas of Bahia to continue in resistance.

Issued by Dr Fred M’membe on behalf of the Politburo of the Socialist Party
September 4, 2020
Mwika Village Chinsali

Statement of Socialist Party on Zambia’s shrinking economy

Statement of Socialist Party on Zambia’s shrinking economy

As we have consistently been warning, our country’s economy has collapsed.

And one didn’t need to be an economic expert to foresee the consequences of the irrational path that was being pursued by our rulers – unbridled borrowing and irrational expenditure.

All the advice given to them – even by the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and their other multilateral and bilateral partners – was ignored and arrogantly scoffed at.

Today they are like soaked chickens – humbled by the reality they can’t ignore or conceal and do not know how to resolve.

We are clearly headed for very serious economic challenges. Our economy is shrinking at a frightening rate.

Next year’s budget has been reduced by 47 per cent. This means that the 2021 budget will only be K56,180 bn. The government’s wage bill was K25,601bn at the beginning of this year. And debt repayment was K33.726bn. This gives us a total of K59,327bn – which is K3,149bn more than our 2021 budget.

This means that without very serious down sizing, retrenchments or massive
international assistance, government will only barely manage to service the debt and pay salaries in 2021 and nothing else.

What does this mean for the Zambian people, especially the poor? More suffering, more agony, more poverty, more despair!

Zambians have no sensible alternative but revolutionary change if they have to harbour any hope of a reversal of fortunes. And only a revolutionary party – the Socialist Party – with a revolutionary programme can deliver the nation out of this hell.

Issued by Fred M’membe, President of the Socialist Party

Mwika Royal Village, Chinsali

September 4, 2020

Finest economist Kalyalya served diligently, with a lot of civil courage – Musumali

Finest economist Kalyalya served diligently, with a lot of civil courage – Musumali

SOCIALIST Party general secretary and first vice-president Dr Cosmas Musumali says Zambia’s monetary policy tools have been rendered irrelevant to effect drastic economic change.
Dr Musumali, an economist, also says despite Dr Denny Kalyalya being one of Zambia’s finest economists, he had to be fired because he had become: “a stumbling block in an evil machinery that is destroying the entire Zambian society and economy.”
He was commenting on President Edgar Lungu’s termination of the contract of Bank of Zambia governor Dr Kalyalya, on Saturday.
Dr Kalyalya was replaced with deputy secretary to the Cabinet – finance and economic development Christopher Mvunga.
The President’s appointment was roundly laughed at by social media commenters.
Dr Kalyalya was appointed in February 2015 and sworn into office on March 18, 2015.
Dr Musumali, in a statement, recalled that all signs of pending economic stress have been ignored by the PF government.
He said it has always been business as usual.
Dr Musumali stated that by 2015, the situation was getting out of hand and that various variables pointed to policy intervention that would ensure pro-poor growth whilst working towards macro-economic stability.
“We provided suggestions on many occasions as to how this could be achieved. [But] all this advice was arrogantly ignored,” Dr Musumali stated.
“We further warned the Zambian cooperating partners that they were also failing to read the pending economic disaster awaiting the country. They all sheepishly gave in to allow President Lungu pursue a corrupt and ruinous policy that was meant to secure him and the PF the 2016 general elections!”
He said once on that path, there was no return to sanity.
Dr Musumali indicated that the economy was on autopilot.
“Four years later and with the 2021 elections pending, monetary policy tools have been rendered irrelevant to effect drastic change,” he said.
Dr Musumali noted that Dr Kalyalya is, by far, one of Zambia’s finest economists.
“He understands the potency of monetary policy tools but is also clear about their limitations. Much more important, he is a sober and objective personality. These are qualities lacking in most Zambian economists,” Dr Musumali explained.
“His appointment as Bank governor was always seen as a panacea to the otherwise misinformed and rogues policies of President Lungu’s regime.”
He stated that it was, however, just a question of time as to when frustration would set in.
Dr Musumali stated that it is ironic that President Lungu lost the patience instead.
“The President wants to win next year’s elections at all costs, even if this means a total destruction of the Zambian economy,” he stated.
“Dr Kalyalya therefore had to go. He had become a stumbling block in an evil machinery that is destroying the entire Zambian society and economy.”
Dr Musumali further stated that the termination of Dr Kalyalya’s contract with immediate effect came at the wrong time.
He said it would have huge negative repercussions for macro-economic stability.
“Dr Kalyalya and his BoZ team were the opiate doses for a critical ill Zambian economy. Beyond a certain level of pain, opiates and other painkillers are ineffective. The patient is then exposed to excruciating pain and death,” Dr Musumali explained.
“On several occasions, we had warned against the overstretching of the monetary policy tools in trying to respond to structural and fiscal policy failure. By 2013, it was already apparent that the Zambian economy needed deep fiscal consolidation.”
He has told President Lungu that macro-economic instability would be his ruin and that of his government.
“You have destroyed the Zambian economy in the shortest period of governance. The termination of [the contract of] Dr Kalyalya comes at a time when COVID-19 is causing economic havoc to an already depressed, high debt economy,” Dr Musumali stated.
“You have mistimed and this will have huge negative impact on the financial market for months to come. As expected, you continue failing our country where and when it matters most.”
To Dr Kalyalya, Dr Musumali said: “please take a well-deserved rest.”
“You have served your country diligently and with a lot of civil courage. The Socialist Party appreciates your efforts – even if at times we never agreed with some of the policy decisions taken by your team,” stated Dr Musumali.