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Speech by comrade Fred M’membe at Fieldmore’s funeral

Speech by comrade Fred M’membe at Fieldmore’s funeral

Speech by Dr Fred M’membe, Socialist Party (Zambia) Deputy General and the party’s 2021 presidential candidate at the funeral of Comrade Fieldmore Mapeto, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, August 25, 2018

Members of the bereaved family;
Leaders of Numsa, SAFTU, EFF and SRWP;
Leaders of ANC, SACP and COSATU;
Leaders of the EFF;
Colleagues of Mkhonto we Sizwe;
Respected comrades and friends,

We have come here to bury a political commissar for national liberation and socialism.

This function must be painful for all of us: first, because we are losing a good revolutionary comrade; second, because we are losing a Marxist-Leninist teacher of the first rank; third, because those of us who were his comrades, friends and colleagues are losing a comrade, a friend, a brother and a colleague. Nevertheless, how should revolutionaries react to the death of a comrade, friend, brother or colleague?

Comrades, Comrade Fieldmore understood very well the fate of a revolutionary fighter when he joined our people’s army, Chris Hani’s army – Mkhonto we Sizwe. Death is the fate of all. It is the only rest for a truly revolutionary fighter. And death is familiar to us all.

Comrades, on behalf of the Socialist Party (Zambia) I wish to convey our feelings of deep sorrow on the death of our dear friend and brother, Comrade Fieldmore.

Over the last three years, cadres of our party learned profound respect for Comrade Fieldmore as one of the most gifted, passionate and profound disseminators of the ideas of Marxism-Leninism, ideas that are guiding our joint and common struggles for a more just, fair and humane world.
United under the banner of those ideas, today we are creating more and more revolutionary organisations and opening up new fronts in our struggle across Africa and other parts of the exploited, oppressed and humiliated world.

Comrade Fieldmore helped our cadres uphold the cause of socialism despite the treachery, vacillation, and irresolution of many of our comrades.

Comrades, there’s a lot to be said – and a lot will continue to be said about Comrade Fieldmore and our struggle – but this is not the best place and occasion for long speeches.

Comrade Fieldmore, we lay you to rest with the pledge that a socialist Zambia, South Africa, Africa and world you struggled for and dreamed of will one day become a reality.

Dear Comrade Fieldmore, we all owe you a debt that can only be repaid through continuing this struggle without respite, pause or improvisation – which was the passion and dream of your life.

Fighter, revolutionary, soldier for national liberation and socialism, we mourn deeply for you. You will remain in our hearts forever.

Fieldmore lives in us!
Chris Hani lives in us!
Fidel lives in us!

Statement of Socialist Party (Zambia) on Tuesday’s earthquake in Venezuela

Statement of Socialist Party (Zambia) on Tuesday’s earthquake in Venezuela

It is with profound sadness that we receive the news of the earthquake catastrophe that hit Venezuela on Tuesday.
It is with sadness, that we heard and saw on television the destruction caused by this earthquake.
We would like to extend our heartfelt sympathy to all Venezuelan people.
We are thinking so much of the people of Venezuela as they experience this terrible earthquake and all its consequences.
We are so sorry to see this devastation; we know Venezuela is a nation of people who will work their way through it all. We have a great admiration for the Venezuelan people.
We will be thinking of you each day – as always.
It would be a formidable task to recover from an earthquake of this magnitude. The Socialist Party (Zambia) stands in solidarity with the people of Venezuela through this difficult time.
We are concerned about the dire consequences of this deadly earthquake which will multiply the problems of the people of Venezuela.

By Dr Fred M’membe, Socialist Party (Zambia) Deputy General Secretary and the party’s presidential candidate in the 2021 elections.

US Military invasion of Venezuela highly possible

US Military invasion of Venezuela highly possible

A US military intervention of Venezuela is highly possible. The dynamics in American domestic politics are creating an environment in which the anti-Venezuelan forces are gaining an upper hand. This is a coalition involving US based Venezuelan dissidents, right-wing Latin American cartels and conservative Christian groupings. It is the type of groups President Trump is targeting in the bid to sustain domestic support for his administration and perform well in the forthcoming midterm elections. The heightened aggressiveness and impunity of the Columbian ruling elite, which currently serves as Washington’s blue-eyed boys in Latin America, has also helped to unite the Anti-Venezuelan forces and reawakened the possibilities of a full-scale military invasion.

In August 2017, President Trump had asked his foreign policy advisers about the possibility of invading Venezuela – a country whose economy was already crippled by sanctions and its leadership demonised as corrupt, narcotic peddlers and left-wing dictators. The suggestion to invade Venezuela had surprised even his advisors, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and National Security Adviser HR McMaster, both of whom have since left his administration. Similarly, even the Latin American leaders whose accomplice he sort were not ready for an invasion. However, the current team of advisors and Latin American right wing leaders are not as careful and cautious. There is growing excitement to finally destroy the Bolivarian revolution.

The disdain and hate for the socialist oriented Bolivarian revolution is understandable. When oil prices were high, Venezuela extended financial support to its poor Latin American and Caribbean neighbours. Even poor communities in the USA received energy subsidies from Citgo,a subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-owned Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. Venezuela was becoming an example of a society where poor people could come out of poverty through a committed and egalitarian government policy. This is the opposite of the greed and individualism of neo-liberal capitalism. Venezuela was is not the example that is required in Latin America – just at the backyard of the USA! American imperialism fears the power of an enlightened and socialist inspired people more than anything else.

In his desire to invade Venezuela, President Trump is known to have alluded to what he considered past cases of successful gunboat diplomacy in the region. The invasions of Panama and Grenada in the 1980s were such examples. This is outright reckless. Panama and Grenada have hardly recovered from these invasions. The economic and social costs have been huge.

Venezuela may not be a military power, even by Latin American standards. However, the majority of the poor masses are supporters of the revolution. These are the key pillars in the defence of the country against foreign invasion. They have shaped the country’s defence doctrine to stress asymmetrical warfare: using insurgency to wear down the invading enemy forces over time. Venezuela will be more than Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Millions will perish and American lives will recklessly be sacrificed. Hopefully sanity will prevail and humanity is spared such a macabre invasion.

President Lungu’s foreign policy is corrupt and without principles

President Lungu’s foreign policy is corrupt and without principles

The shameful saga surrounding Tendai Biti’s deportation out of Zambia is not surprising. Ever since President Lungu came into power, Zambia is no longer the safe haven that it once was for those running away from political repression and persecution. Tendai Biti and those accompanying him should have known better. The Zambia situation is just as bad as, if not worse than, in Zimbabwe.The Zambia that once accepted all politically persecuted is today lawless and without compassion. President Lungu, his advisors and associates are de facto the law, They are the unrestricted alpha and omega over peoples lives. Local and international laws are of no consequence.

This reactionary development is also widely reflected in President Lungu’s foreign policy. Take the example of Zambia’s long-standing support for the Polisario Front. On February 19, 2016, the president still assured Salam El-Mami, Western Sahara’s ambassador to Zambia, of “our relentless collective calls for the independence of the people of Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.” However, in February 2017, after the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, suddenly visited Zambia and signed 19 partnership agreements, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Harry Kalaba said Zambia does not recognise Western Sahara. In clear terms, President Lungu had sold off the bond between our homeland and the struggling Sahrawi masses for some “pieces of silver”. It was a clear indication that the Zambian foreign policy was no longer about humanity and the common good of the Zambian masses. It was up for grabs to the highest bidder. The shame and disgrace this move brought on Zambia is immense.

Let us also not forget how this country has abandoned the Palestinian cause. President Chiluba initiated the process in 1977, but President Lungu completed it. The PF governmentre-opened the country’s embassy in Israel in 2015. This came 42 years after Zambia had joined progressive African countries to severe diplomatic ties with Israel following the Yom Kippur War.In addition, during the liberation struggle, Israel openly stood firm on the side of the colonial forces and Apartheid South Africa. Israeli weapons and know-how facilitated the slaughter of thousands of African civilians. The liberation struggle and the cause of the Palestinian people logically became inseparable. Southern Africa eventually got its nominal political independence, but the plight of the
Palestinians continues. A foreign policy that ignores this historical link and human obligation is immoral and bankrupt.

The process surrounding Tendai Biti deportation is however highly revealing and points to President Lungu as a calculating and cold-blooded executioner. The security immigration and police officers at the border acted professionally and defended Biti against the overzealous Zimbabwean officers who were determined to arrest him from the Zambian side of the border. Once in Lusaka, the Zambian courts also acted rationally. Despite the positive court ruling in favour of Biti’s continued stay in our homeland, he was forcibly thrown out of the country – back into the hands of the Zimbabwean authorities. All figures are directly pointing at President Lungu. He is ultimately responsible. The entire global community is appalled and shocked. There are even threats from the United States government to withhold development aid. However, this will not move President Lungu and his PF government. Withholding American support in health, education and governance will hurt the poor beneficiaries. What would bother President Lungu and his 50 close associates plus family members would be a global freeze of all their over-seas assets, businesses, transactions and travel for the next 20 years. This is the only language this clique understands.

Venezuelan revolutionaries won’t let terrorists win

Venezuelan revolutionaries won’t let terrorists win

We are shocked and angry today by the barbaric attempt to kill the revolutionary Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro.

We are horrified by this horrendous terrorist attack that has left seven Venezuelans injured. Our thoughts are with these injured Venezuelans, their families and friends.

We are confident the Venezuelan revolutionaries will never let these terrorists win, and will never be cowed by terrorist attacks.

Any government or organisation that supports terrorist actions like this is complicit in the attempt to murder President Maduro and injure innocent people and is equally guilty of terrorist crimes.

Today, all revolutionaries and people of good will are united beyond all borders in support of President Maduro and Venezuelan revolutionaries’ courage and determination.

We stand in absolute solidarity with President Maduro and Venezuelan revolutionaries.

We all have to step up the struggle against, and defeat, the ideology that fuels such terrorist attacks.


Dr Fred M’membe, Deputy General Secretary of the Socialist Party (Zambia) and the party’s 2021 presidential candidate.