Author: Socialist Party ZambiaThe Socialist Party is a political formation whose primary mandate is to promote and entrench socialist values in the Zambian society. Anchored on the principles of Justice, Equity and Peace (JEP), the Socialist Party shall transform the Zambian society from capitalism to socialism, building socialism in three key sectors: Education, Agriculture and Health.

Meet Comrade Margaret Pikiti

Meet Comrade Margaret Pikiti Featured

Comrade Margaret Kangwa Pikiti is the Socialist Party’s parliamentary candidate for Malole constituency

.Comrade Pikiti was born in Malole, Mungwi, Northern Province. She went to Ituna Primary School in Kasama and attended Lwitikila Girls Secondary School in Mpika, finishing form five in 1978. In December 1978, Margaret went for compulsory military training with Zambia National Service. This was followed by training in Physiotherapy at Evelyn Hone College in Lusaka.

Then in 1993, she obtained a bachelor of science degree in occupational therapy in the United Kingdom. Later, she completed a master’s in business administration with a dissertation that focused on poultry farming in Zambia and Brazil.

Comrade Pikiti is now settled back in Malole where she is working had to revamp farmland, working and interacting with local people, sharing their anxieties, sorrows, hopelessness and desperation on a daily basis.

Malole is a constituency in a province with a poverty level of 79.7 per cent. This is reflected in people’s daily struggles, and lacking the basics in education, health, food, and all the other services required in an organised society.

Comrade Pikiti says: “I was not seeking political office when I joined the Socialist Party. I joined the Socialist Party because the issues close to my heart are core to the party. The plight of the poor being at the centre of it.

“Also, after scrutinising the party’s manifesto, programme, and the leadership under Dr Fred M’membe, I happily joined this party that makes one feel at home. And when my name came up for adoption, and then I was approached by the party leadership to stand as a member of parliament for Malole constituency, I accepted with anticipation and excitement.

“As an individual, what captivates me is seeing joy on the faces of the elderly and children. The kind of transformation I envision for my constituency is accessible health for all, education for all from pre-school, for people to regain their pride and provide jobs.

“Zambia is most definitely ready for socialism. In fact, it is long overdue. A change is needed in aspects of life and governance. Capitalism has failed our people. Suffering is unbearable and it is hard for one to look and do nothing. The values of socialism are what can lift Zambia out of the current pit.

“I am also a writer and my book begins in the Malole village I used to imagine, not the impoverished one today. So here we are. I am now the adopted candidate for Socialist Party Malole constituency.”

Meet Comrade Salungu Handson

Meet Comrade Salungu Handson Featured

Comrade Salungu Handson, parliamentary candidate for Solwezi Central, is seeking to address the challenges facing the humble, the poor and the workers.

He said the Socialist Party’s manifesto “speaks to the challenges we face, and spells out how the SP government will address the challenges”.

“The manifesto is written in simple language that is easy to follow and understand. I was able to connect the issues raised in the manifesto to the broader problems confronting my constituency, including poor roads, poor sanitation and a high level of unemployment.

“Providing clean and safe drinking water, sanitation, constructing roads and job creation all fall under key priority areas.

”Comrade Handson was born in Solwezi district, attending primary and junior secondary schools in North-Western Province, where he obtained his GCE certificate. He has worked in the transportation industry at various levels.

Meet Comrade Mupelwa Siame

Meet Comrade Mupelwa Siame Featured

Comrade Mupelwa Siame, parliamentary candidate for Kantanshi constituency, says he was motivated to join the Socialist Party’s revolutionary movement by the need for a real change in Zambia.

“The challenges in my constituency are many. These include very high unemployment levels with about two-third of the people out of work. The health facilities are ill-equipped with medicine and the sanitation system is disheartening,” he said.

“Revolutionary changes are essential for the betterment of our community, society, and country. Without these changes we will keep going round in circles and go nowhere.

”Comrade Siame said the necessary changes could only be brought about by voting for the revolution-oriented Socialist Party, with Dr Fred M’membe as president.

Meet Comrade Naomi Nanyangwe

Meet Comrade Naomi Nanyangwe Featured

Comrade Naomi Nanyangwe, is the Socialist Party’s parliamentary candidate for Mbala.

Comrade Nanyangwe is Zambian by nationality. Her home languages are Mambwe and Bemba. In terms of her religion, she is a Seventh Day Adventist, and has previously served in various church leadership positions; as a Dorcas leader, a superintendent and choir leader. She has served her community as the savings chairperson.

Comrade Nanyangwe attended Munyezi Primary School, completed tertiary level at Mbala High School and studied early childhood education at the University of Zambia. She has worked as a teacher at Mayanga and at Mbala primary schools.

Asked about what captivates her, Comrade Nanyangwe says, “The inner peace I feel when I help others, when I am of service to others, the joy of being useful to others, to the people in my community.”

And asked why she joined the Socialist Party, she says, “I joined because of its unique vision and language: the ‘Justice, Equity, Peace’ language.

“It was the first time I heard of a party that was concerned about transforming Zambia, about pushing for not less than 50 percent of women’s participation in the party structures, and leadership outside the structures.

“I could also relate to the Socialist Party values of honesty, humility, equity and solidarity that align very well with those of my convictions.

“I equally desire to see a transformed Zambia, a land where everyone feels they belong in all senses in terms of access to education, health, decent sanitation and housing, and a life free from poverty and extreme hunger.

”In terms of the changes she desires for her constituency, she says, “Job creation for a number of youths through embarking on serious industrialisation programmes such as industries for processing goods, building milling plantations, a better system of developing agriculture and building the capacities for our farmers, as well as the roads that are currently bad or non-existent.

”On Zambia and socialism, Comrade Nanyangwe says, “Zambia is ready for socialism because it is the only system that guarantees us real change, real transformation, and this can only come from our party, the Socialist Party.”

Meet Comrade Chiteo Nalishuwa Matindo

Meet Comrade Chiteo Nalishuwa Matindo Featured

Comrade Chiteo Singongi Nalishuwa Matindo, Socialist Party parliamentary candidate for Kalabo Central constituency, has a teaching diploma from Copperbelt Secondary Teachers’ College, a degree in home economics and social studies from the University of Zambia, and is a trained national examiner in home economics at grade 12 level in food and nutrition. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in educational leadership, administration and management with the University of Barotseland.

Comrade Nalishuwa Matindo started work as a secondary school teacher at Kalabo Secondary School and remained there for 14 years in different positions, including head of department and senior teacher.

In 1994 she was promoted to education officer with Kalabo’s district education office, was made head of Kalabo Primary by the ministry of education in 2003, and was promoted to district education standards officer for the Sikongo district executive director board office in 2014. She retired in June this year.

Comrade Nalishuwa Matindo says she chose to run as a parliamentary candidate for the Socialist Party because she believed in the party’s leadership and programme promoting justice, equity and peace.

“Women’s participation in politics is still not embraced openly by a number of people in Zambia, and I mean by both men and women,” she said.

“Actually, when you talk about patriarchy, it resides equally more in women than men in some cases. There is also a general view, and to a large extent a visible practice, where women appear not to support each other in the political arena, an attitude and perception that needs to be changed. It then becomes evident that they shun their fellow women only to support a man. But women have always supported each other in many areas and this should be extended to the political space.

“As a woman going into politics, I need to work hard on these perceptions with fellow women and colleagues to help change the mindsets of both men and women, that it is not the gender of a person that is required to perform, but his or her capabilities.

“For example, I am a mature woman who has served in many administrative positions and have demonstrated my capabilities. Therefore, I am positive I can work with people from diverse backgrounds to bring about inclusive development.

”Comrade Nalishuwa Matindo said she advised women not to shy away from politics.

“I encourage female folk not to shun politics but openly participate in order to have the same sense of ownership that male folk do in the areas of governance in Zambia.

“As women we share the same status as men. We are equal in the eyes of God. Therefore, there is every need to work together with men to bring about development to ourselves”.